My mission is Empowering Educators to create multiple streams of income so that they can live a life of freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment!

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Welcome Educator entrepreneurs, side hustlers and current and future business owners!

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Imagine a community that helps you achieve your monetary and personal goals through life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning. A community where you can be vulnerable and celebrated. A tribe that fuels your growth.

We are the Dream To Action Mastermind community. A network of current and aspiring educator entrepreneurs who gain the wisdom and support we need to realize our ambitions and move our goals forward. Together.

We are committed to each other’s success and fulfillment.

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The Dream to Action


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Education and action is always the focus of Dr. Vandyck's coaching!


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Dream big and mastermind with current and future educator entrepreneurs at our EDUCATOR ESCAPES! These are 2-day weekend retreats with the goal of challenging yourself and others while engaging in rejuvenating experiences! 

These weekend retreats allow you to break away from the everyday work craziness, have fun, laugh out loud, refresh, connect, and MASTERMIND!!!!



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Hi and Welcome! I'm Dr. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck, executive director of Action As Empowerment (coaching, workshops and retreats) and founder and leader of the Dream To Action Mastermind.


Empowering educators to create multiple streams of income so that they can live a life of freedom, flexibility and fulfillment, all while keeping their job- if they want to.


You're so busy working hard on the job for everyone else you don’t make time to work on your own personal business goals- even when they might allow you to transform your family's financial future and add excitement to your super stressed daily life. For some, you look forward to FINALLY starting to work on that money making idea you've almost given up on or have completely left behind. For others, you know you want a side hustle but you may not know which... or if you do know, you may not know how to start it or profit from it. 


Through community, networking and a no nonsense focus on simplifying the process of achieving success, we cut straight to the chase to reimagine, plan, pivot, and prosper!

Reach your dreams faster with our weekly mastermind, action-oriented plans, entrepreurship trainings, strategy sessions, and in-person retreats and workshops to achieve what your heart truly desires!

WHO AM I? I am a  long time educator, coach, and entrepreneur. I have systematically set and achieved a mountain of goals which have allowed me to take time away from my full-time teaching and leadership positions multiple times throughout the years, relocate to sunny Florida, and strategically build a life that I absolutuely love! Helping others to do the same is what I do!

EDUCATION: I have a PhD in Leadership in Higher Education, a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration, and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. My research interests include college access, persistence and graduation, and factors impacting academic achievement in marginalized student populations.

GIVING BACK: A firm believer in giving back and uplifting others, I established the Dr. Marijuana Pepsi Scholarship for first generation African American students enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, my alma mater. This scholarship is awarded annually through the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater College of Education and Professional Studies.

HOBBIES: In my spare time, I love ignoring housework to read historical romance novels, camp, fish, kayak, look at commercial and residential real estate for sale, and spend warm cozy times with my family.

MISSION: Our sole mission is to help YOU achieve yours.


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Marijuana Vandyck has been a true inspiration to me and my family. Over the past several years through many mastermind sessions and collaborations, we’ve been able to sell over 10 Million dollars in real estate by specializing in marketing short sales and utilizing other investment strategies as a direct result of the coaching and mentoring we gained through our relationship with her.

Dr. Vandyck is an astute, intelligent business woman with a work ethic like none other. I can honestly say, I’ve never met anyone with the level of unwavering self-discipline as she. Whatever it takes….that’s her motto of achieving at the highest of levels!

- Linda "Jesse" Walker, Owner 71 LIMA Properties


When faced with problems, some people say "What would Jesus do?" When I'm faced with work and personal problems, I ask "What would Marijuana do!" LOL!

- Maria Scarpaci, Program Director

Congratulations to the unstoppable Marijuana (Sawyer) Vandyck! You inspired me at 16 as you inspire me today. You have transformed many lives. Have you ever thought of a book telling your life story to transform even more? Totally serious. Let's talk.

- Teresa Peneguy, Editor